I offer Training for $700 per month we use Total Equine. This awesome
feed is available here at the ranch! As you can see from the pictures your
horse will be exposed to many, many things. I use horses everyday to
move my cows and contract cows through rotational grazing paddocks.
We have many nice trails with "spooky" deer and other critters.
Your horse will be exposed to many obstacles and challenges.
I believe a horse needs to be in a willing frame of mind, soft, and be able
to yield his hind quarters and fore quarters along with side passing before
they are even slightly considered "broke". I use natural horsemanship
methods. I ask the horse for the results I want, then show him the way.
Matthew Jobe
Individual training with you and
your horse for $40 per session.
We will work on whatever you
need. i.e. obstacles, lead
changes, or any specific
problems you are having.