I can provide one on one introduction to
Cowboy Mounted Shooting or hold a
clinic for up to six people. Training is
available at the ranch for you and your
horse. Here your horse can learn to
accept gunfire and be introduced to the
sport in an easy, non-threatening manner.
Tearing a page from the book of great
American cowboys, mounted shooting is as
close to the Old West as you can get short of a
time machine. This adrenaline-pumping arena
sport has cowboys and cowgirls nationwide
slapping on six guns and tuning up for the
rides of their life.
Akin to barrel racing on steroids, mounted shooting combines
quick horses and tuned horsemanship skills as competitors run a
series of patterns. The object is to negotiate an arena course
using two single action cowboy revolvers, each loaded with black
powder blanks, to take out balloon targets mounted on poles.
The powder granules burst the balloons up to a range of nearly
20 feet. Typically the first gun is drawn as the rider, at a gallop,
attempts to burst as many balloons as possible while running a
varied pattern that calls for rollbacks, lead changes, and swift
barrel turns. The second part of the course is called the rundown,
for it is here that riders turn on the afterburners as they eliminate
targets on the second half of the course. The winner is the
fastest rider with the least amount of misses.
The sport is governed by the Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Association (CMSA), whose 20,000 members compete in clubs
and events nationwide. Mounted shooting attracts both the young
and old because of its competition structure-a system that starts
with a beginners level one and goes up the ladder the expert
level six. It is also a family sport in which parents and their
children compete, usually hauling a trailer full of top-notch horses.
Mounted Shooting By Ken Amorosano
This is the place to start! No experience needed! This class
will include gun safety and operations. We will work together
desensitizing your horse to gunfire and balloons.

All necessary equipment will be provide for you.