At C BAR J we raise All Natural Angus Beef   All of the animals
we sell for beef are bred, born, and raised right here on our
Ranch. No growth hormones.  We raise both Grass Fed and Corn
Fed Beef. We will sale 1/4, 1/2, or whole. $100 deposit puts your
name on the list.

please email questions to

Matt  Jobe
741 S. E. 1300th Rd.
Windsor,MO. 65360
660-537-9542 Matt
Our corn fed beef calves are raised
on pasture then hand fed corn mix
for the last 100 days to get a finish
that is perfect for high-quality beef.
The tastiest, most tender beef is raised naturally on free-range pasture. Succulent, tender,
naturally-raised Black Angus beef is not something that you're likely to find in your local
supermarket.  If you want to know that your meat is free of synthetic hormones and
antibiotics — and raised with care and kindness — then the best way to buy it is from a
natural family farm.

You can be sure that the meat you’re buying is of outstanding quality.  You can be 100%
confident that your meat is highly nutritious,  and safe.

And when you discover that it’s the most mouth-watering delicious beef you have ever
eaten, you’ll never buy your beef from the supermarket again!

                              Direct from our farm to your fork

Buying meat directly from the farm means you know exactly where your food comes from,
and how it’s treated on the way from the fields to your plate.

With increasing concerns being raised over food safety, farm-direct food sourcing is
becoming a growing trend.  If you know your rancher, you can trust the way your food is
raised and prepared.

We’re always delighted to get to know our customers, and we’ll be happy to show you
around our farm at any time.  
We only grass fatten cattle when conditions
are right.    During the winter, we feed hay to
our cattle to maintain and slowly grow them.  
In early spring we take the animals and put
them in lush rapidly growing pastures where
they will gain weight at 2-3 lbs. per day.  
Health Benefits
"From Our Farm To  Your Fork"
90% LEAN Grass Fed GROUND BEEF    $4.50 PER POUND  25# @ $4.25
SMOKED BRATS                 $5.50 PER POUND
1/4s are $3.20 per hanging pound. This covers everything.